Reprogramming is the
next leap forward in cancer immunotherapy

Direct Cell Reprogramming
Cancer Immunotherapy

Asgard Therapeutics

Asgard Therapeutics is a Swedish private biotech company exploring direct cell reprogramming technologies to develop ground-breaking cancer immunotherapies. Incorporated as a spin-off from Lund University, Asgard is pioneering gene therapy approaches based on its proprietary TrojanDC technology, designed to set in motion immune responses mediated by the biological properties of professional antigen presenting cells. Designed as an off-the-shelf gene therapy, Asgard´s approach overcomes many of the logistic and manufacturing hurdles of conventional cell-based therapies.

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Co-founder and CEO Cristiana Pires explains the TrojanDC technology.
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Asgard’s team: Michele Tavecchio, Fritiof Åkerström, André Rosa
Filipe Pereira, Cristiana Pires and Fábio Rosa

Our Team

Asgard Therapeutics brings together a growing team of experts in the cell reprogramming, gene therapy and immuno-oncology fields to guide our mission and develop pioneering off-the-shelf gene therapies based on TrojanDC technology.

Meet the members of our Executive Team and Board of Directors.

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