Restoring Tumor Immunogenicity with Dendritic Cell Reprogramming

In this paper, we demonstrate reprogramming of over 60 mouse and human tumor cells across a broad spectrum of tumor types into functional antigen-presenting cells. This study represents a significant milestone for Asgard’s reprogramming technologies, providing the foundation for the ongoing development of its in-vivo engineering programs.

The paper was featured in the 'Research Highlights' section of Nature Immunology

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Reprogramming Stars #6: A Venture Based in Cellular Reprogramming—An Interview with Dr. Cristiana Pires

In this interview, reprogramming Star Cristiana Pires unveils the career path that lead her to the stellar position of CEO and Co-founder at Asgard Therapeutics in this month issue of Cellular Reprogramming.

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Single cell transcriptional profiling informs efficient reprogramming of human somatic cells to cross-presenting dendritic cells.

In this paper, we used single-cell transcriptomics to dissect successful reprogramming of human fibroblasts into induced cDC1-like cells and improved cDC1 reprogramming efficiency by 190-fold. We benchmarked the function of induced cDC1-like cells to naturally-occuring cDC1s and explored how PU.1, IRF8 and BATF3 engage the chromatin to induce the cDC1 fate in fibroblasts.  

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Cell Fate Reprogramming in the Era of Cancer Immunotherapy.

In this review, we summarize current strategies for cancer immunotherapy, summarize technologies for generation of immune cells by cell fate reprogramming as well as highlight the future potential of inducing these unique cell identities in vivo, providing new and exciting tools for the fast-paced field of cancer immunotherapy.

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Direct Reprogramming of Mouse Embryonic Fibroblasts to Conventional Type 1 Dendritic Cells by Enforced Expression of Transcription Factors.

In this paper, we provide a detailed direct cell reprogramming protocol to induce murine iDCs from mouse fibroblasts.

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