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PHARMD PHD, co-founder & ceo

Cristiana Pires holds a degree in pharmaceutical sciences from University of Porto and a PhD in life sciences from NOVA Medical School, Portugal. During her graduate studies at Miguel Seabra’s laboratory she explored cellular reprogramming strategies to obtain retinal pigment epithelium cells (a specific population of retinal cells) for cell replacement therapy applications. On January 2016, Cristiana joined Filipe Pereira’s group interested in addressing new perspectives of reprogramming for the development of therapies to modulate immune responses. In 2018 she moved to Lund University where she continues the same line of research as a post-doctoral researcher. Additionally, Cristiana was appointed as CEO of Asgard Therapeutics AB. Now, by combining her pharmaceutical and scientific background with entrepreneurship experience, Cristiana is motivated to bring TrojanDC to the patients.


PHD, co-founder & board member

Filipe Pereira has long held an interest in understanding how cell identity is acquired, maintained and ultimately modified or reversed. He has made several contributions to the field of cellular reprogramming during his graduate and post-doctoral studies in Amanda Fisher’s (London) and Ihor Lemischka’s (New York) laboratories. Filipe Pereira has published 33 papers in high impact journals with over 2,500 citations. Filipe Pereira holds a faculty position at the Faculty of Medicine at Lund University and is the group leader of the Cell Reprogramming in Hematopoiesis and Immunity laboratory at the Lund Stem Cell Center and the Wallenberg Center for Molecular Medicine. Filipe’s research group is focused on cell fate engineering in hematopoiesis and immunity. Recently, Filipe founded Asgard Therapeutics to translate the group’s scientific discoveries into a new cancer immunotherapy. He currently sits at Asgard’s board.


MSC, co-founder & board member

Fábio Fiúza Rosa has developed a strong interest in deciphering how direct cell reprogramming can be used to manipulate immune responses. In August 2015, Fabio joined Filipe Pereira’s group as a master student, where he studied the induction of the dendritic cell fate in fibroblasts by cell reprogramming. During this period he has received two awards and submitted a provisional patent application. In 2018 Fabio started his graduate studies at University of Coimbra and Lund University focused on the generation of human dendritic cells by cell reprogramming. Fabio is passionate about entrepreneurship, having participated in several acceleration programs and business competitions. He is currently committed to develop TrojanDC as Asgard Therapeutics’ Board member and scientific founder.



Investment manager AND BOARD MEMBER

Christine Widstrand holds a master degree in chemical engineering and a PhD in analytical chemistry from Lund University, Sweden.  She has over 20 years of experience as a board member in several companies, having extensive knowledge and experience in early commercialization as well as a large industrial and investor network. Christine is currently executive vice president at LU Holding AB and the board chairman and investment manager at Asgard Therapeutics AB.



Gunnar Gårdemyr is an all-round manager with ample business experience in pharma, biotech and medtech companies. Gunnar is specialized in management, business development, M&A, medical devices marketing & sales, financing commercial strategy development, business analytics and emerging growth markets. He has a proven track-record in building successful businesses, product commercialization and fundraising. Gunnar is currently business advisor and board member at Asgard Therapeutics AB.


Chairman of the board

Lars Hedbys holds a MSc in chemical engineering from Chalmers University of Technology and a PhD in Applied Biochemistry from the University of Lund. Lars has over 30 years of international experience within the life science industry, having led companies in various fields of the industry, including pharmaceutical development, advanced therapy medical products and contract research organizations. Lars is currently business advisor and chairman of the board.